Nissan 370Z and Infiniti G37 Support

Supported Models

  • Nissan 370Z
    1. All models from MY 2009 onwards, including Nismo and Fair Lady variants
  • Infiniti
    1. All models from 2008 to 2015 using the VQ37 VHR engine, including the G37, FX37, EX37, M37, Q40, Q50, Q60, Q70, QX50, QX70

RaceROM Custom Features

RaceROM Custom features are written into our tuning software to give you unique features that don’t come as standard. They need to be set up by an EcuTek tuner, and you may be charged extra as they take time to configure.

  • Four-way Mode Switching
    • Swap between four different modes using either the cruise control buttons or ECU Connect on your mobile device. Which mode you are in will be indicated on the rev counter. For example, you could get your tuner to set up a tune on mode 1 designed for track days – Track Mode; For enjoying yourself on the road in mode 2 – Fast Road Mode; a self-adjusting FlexFule tune on mode 3 – Flex Mode; and a tune for driving your grandma around on mode 4 – Economy Mode. It’s up to you to decide what set-up you want in each mode.
  • Live Boost, Timing, VTC or VVEL Adjustment
    • Once your tuner has set this up in the tune, you can adjust these parameters live using the cruise control or the ECU Connect app. You can even display them on the Oil Temp gauge.
  • Adjustable Launch Control with BOTL
    • Live adjustment of the launch RPM using the cruise-control switchgear or the ECU Connect app. BOTL (Boost-off-the-line) enables you to set any boost pressure you want on launch! Use either the cruise control or your phone via the ECU Connect app to adjust live. It can be enabled in any map switch mode. Note this feature works for manual cars with a clutch switch only. Some tuners have developed their own launch control for automatic cars using our software. For more information contact us.
  • Per Gear Boost Control
    • Your tuner can adjust boost in each gear to get the maximum performance and traction.
  • Per Gear Rev Limits
    • Adjust your rev limits in each gear to suit the conditions of the track or driving scenario.
  • Adjustable Traction Control
    • Aggressiveness can be adjusted in each of the 4 modes using cruise control or the ECU Connect app on your phone. You can display this aggressiveness on the Oil Temp gauge with the gauge hijack feature.
  • Flat-foot Shift
    • Make full-throttle gearshifts by reducing engine torque and controlling the engine speed during the gear change. Requires a clutch switch.
  • Speed Density Option
    • Run a speed density tune if you are running big twin or single turbo conversions or want to get rid of your MAF sensors to run bigger intakes.
  • Self Adjusting FlexFuel
    • No more worries about calculating the ethanol in the tank; our RaceROM self-adjusting flex-fuel does it all for you. Just fit a 0-5v Flex Fuel sensor, and off you go. Whatever Ethanol content in the tank, the tune will automatically adjust to give you optimal performance. Link up with ECU Connect to display the current Ethanol blend on a gauge in a dashboard.
  • Gear Ratio Adjustment
    • When a taller Final Drive has been fitted, the factory Sync Rev feature will not work correctly. Our software allows the tuner to increase the gear ratio values relative to the Final Drive increment amount.
  • Live adjustments using Custom Gauge Hijack
    • Hijack the Oil Temp gauge and display boost, traction control aggressiveness, ignition timing, VTC or VVEL. Then adjust it live using the cruise control switches.
  • Fail Safes
    • Knock oil pressure; oil pressure; oil temp; AFR correction/fuel trims; AFR lean; fuel pressure; coolant pressure or a custom one of your choice.
    • There is also a knock warning feature that will flash the check engine light a few times if a knock event is detected.
  • 5 x ECU Inputs
    • Import 0-5V signals (wideband, flex-fuel, EGT) through various sensors.
  • 2 x ECU Outputs
    • Drive 1 x PWN and 1 x Digital output to switch on Nitrous, water/meth, trigger a pump or other external device.
  • Valet Mode
    • Low power mode with reduced torque together with a time and distance limit giving you peace of mind when the car is in someone else’s hands. Arms and disarm using steering wheel controls or via the ECU Connect app.

ECU Connect – Use your Phone to program the ECU and control your tune

Our free ECU Connect App can be used to control some of our custom RaceROM features in conjunction with our ECU Connect Interface. Find out more about ECU Connect here

The following features need to be set up in the tune by your tuner before the ECU Connect App can access them.

  • Mode Switching
    • Switch between four different modes as detailed above on the fly using your phone.
  • Launch Control
    • Adjust the launch control RPM using a slider on your phone. This is very handy for cars without cruise control fitted.
  • Boost, Timing, VTC or VVEL Controller
    • Adjust the above parameters in each mode live using sliders on your phone.
  • Custom Features set up by your tuner
    • You have up to five features that can be controlled using your mobile device. Configurable as a slider, numerical value or on/off switch, these inputs can be set up to interact with the ECU directly from the driver’s mobile device. Speak to your tuner to discuss what you would like.
    • Typical features you could set up are:
      1. Make your Traction Control more or less aggressive
      2. Activate your Nitrous
      3. Set up a Push To Pass button
      4. Set up a pit lane speed limiter
      5. Adjust your pedal map

For more detail on ECU Connect features for the 370Z/G37 Platform, click here.

And there’s more…

  • Monitor 100s of engine and 2 x gearbox parameters including auto box temp sensor
  • Create unlimited personalised dashboards to monitor what you need.
    Click here to find out more about dashboards.
  • Read and clear DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes)
  • Reset your ECU
  • Check your before and after a tune with the Performance Analyser
  • Set up and send logs to your tuner direct from the app

Note: The above features do not require an EcuTek Tune and are available on nearly all vehicles manufactured after 2008

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