To install ProECU, download and run the EcuTek App Downloader.
This will download and install the required files and hardware drivers and guide you through the installation process.


EcuTek App Downloader

The EcuTek App Downloader is our automated download and install utility that will install ProECU along with the required hardware drivers for your system.

EcuTek Update

EcuTek update is the automatic update service built into ProECU.

EcuTek Vehicle Interface Firmware

The EcuTek Vehicle Interface (EVI) firmware update utility will allow you to update the firmware in your EVI interface.

Legacy Software

Downloads for older software, such as DeltaDash and EasyECU.

Logos and Marketing materials

Marketing materials

Downloads of our logos, fact sheets and brand guidelines.

Product fact sheets

Download fact sheets for all EcuTek’s products.