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Recruitment Agencies – Read This

Dealing with unsolicited contact from recruitment agencies costs us time and money. Please note we NEVER accept unsolicited CVs from agencies; however, perfect your candidate might be for a role we’re advertising. Please save yours and our time by not contacting us unless we have specifically asked you to do so. This applies to telephone and email contact.

Persistently disregarding our wishes will ensure that your business isn’t considered for future roles.

EcuTek as an Employer

EcuTek provides niche tuning solutions at the highest level for some of today’s most well-known performance cars, including the Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi Evolution, Mazda MPS and Nissan GTR. We operate worldwide and work with manufacturers, official importers and performance tuners. We often get access to new vehicles much earlier than they are generally available – this makes EcuTek an exciting place to work for the car enthusiast.

EcuTek is a small company in a fast-moving industry. Our success is due to the skills of our staff, the tight focus of the business and the loyalty of our customers. As a small company, there is little in the way of politics or unnecessary bureaucracy to get in the way of our business’s focus – the engineering of the best tuning tools we can make.

EcuTek invests in its staff, providing them with the tools that they need to realise their potential. All staff have generous desk space, dual monitor PCs and ergonomic seating. EcuTek encourages its staff to further their skills with suitable training courses, books and study materials. In addition, our purpose-designed premises include all the facilities that EcuTek need to complete most projects fully in-house.

EcuTek has the principle of automating manual tasks wherever possible. This keeps the company lean, keeps processes consistent, and allows staff to spend as much time as possible on challenging and interesting projects.

Significant effort has gone into making the working environment at EcuTek as pleasant as possible. Provision is made for employees who wish to cycle to work. EcuTek’s premises back onto the Grand Union Canal which offers the chance to walk, run or cycle away from traffic at lunch or before/after work. All staff have lockers, and there are showering and changing facilities on site. Refreshments and kitchen facilities are available, as well as the office being within walking distance of Uxbridge centre where there is a large variety of shops and restaurants. Uxbridge also has a tube station that quickly takes you into London.

Here are a few bullet points to give you an idea of what EcuTek are about:

  • We are engineering-led. The quality of our products and services is of primary importance.
  • We are passionate about what we do and getting it right.
  • We purpose-built our premises to provide us with all the tools we need to do our jobs.
  • We combine cars, code and computers to make innovative, class-leading products.
  • We even have a tripled glazed four-wheel-drive dyno cell in the same building – how cool is that?
  • We offer flexible working hours to miss the traffic
  • Our offices look onto the Grand Union Canal
  • Our offices are a 10-minute walk from the London Underground.
  • We have spacious desks and ergonomic chairs
  • We have nice PCs. Really, really nice PCs.
  • Our offices are all air-conditioned
  • Our offices are all clean and quiet unless we’re getting excited about something.
  • If the monitor on the wall in our meeting room were any bigger, we’d need a bigger wall.
  • The coffee is delicious. So is the tea. There’s an organic fruit delivery every week.
  • We are encouraged to take our lunch breaks, not work through them.
  • We go out regularly, and the team chooses where we go.
  • For our Christmas party, we invite the team, but we always invite their partners too. Or friend/relative, if they are single.
  • We always pay our bills on time. Whether that is the payroll or a supplier, we do what we say we will.
  • We encourage the sport and have lockers, shower facilities and bike parking for those who wish to cycle or run.
  • We’ve hired from all over the world – Canada, China, England, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and South Africa.
  • Directors, managers, engineers and admins. We all sit together in our open-plan offices.
  • We dress casual and act smart. Not the other way around.
  • We are well established and stable, having been in business for 21 years.
  • We are well organised and can be the first to market with new products when required.
  • We take on projects that some believe are impossible to complete. We then prove them wrong.
  • Our products are used worldwide, in almost every country.
  • We have many large customers and are a critical factor in their businesses.
  • Some famous customers include Cosworth, Prodrive, Subaru UK & Mitsubishi UK, BBR, Jackson Racing, Sprintex, Vortech and Edelbrock.

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